Renewable Energy Solutions
Renewable Energy Solutions
Renewable Energyt Solutions
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Renewable Energy

Bio Technology that reduces Air Conditioning Costs

Energy Saving Ceiling Tiles:

Incorporating the latest bio-based technology, the passive tile gives instant energy savings of between 50% to 60% over heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. With competitive prices and without any on-going maintenance or replacement costs; there are huge financial and environmental benefits to be gained from utilising the tile within your building.

The tile works by storing latent energy present in the room. It does this by using micro-capsules that change from a solid to a liquid state as the room temperature increases above 20 degrees and in doing so absorb and store latent heat. At night when the room temperature cools, the stored latent heat is slowly released into the room as the micro-capsules change from a liquid back into a solid state.

In addition to the heat storage capabilities, they have excellent hygroscopic characteristics, absorbing the excess humidity in the atmosphere, and then gradually restoring the balance in dry and hot periods and as such improving the atmospheric micro-climate in the rooms.

This award winning technology has been installed into the Department of Energy & Climate Changes (DECC) building along with Ofcom’s London Head Office.

For further information please contact the Rodspark Energy Reduction Team on 0800 756 6808.

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