Renewable Energy Solutions
Renewable Energy Solutions
Renewable Energyt Solutions
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Renewable Energy

Infrared Heating Technology

Imagine a building that is warmed at a lower cost. A building where the heat is healthy and the environment is cared for too. Imagine a building where the very bricks and mortar are infused with thermal energy to keep the temperature comfortable even when the source is switched off. Imagine a home heated by Infrared heating. Building should not be constrained by traditional heating sources, and that is why this unique, cutting edge infrared technology has been developed to offer a real alternative to the standard heating systems we have grown accustomed to. Now you can not only choose a heating system that is more efficient and more effective than others, but one that is also available in a wide range of contemporary designs, giving you the environment you desire.

Infrared Heating

Heat that is delivered by the most powerful heat source known to man - the sun - arrives naturally via infrared. Even on the coldest of days, there is a powerful warmth felt when in the path of direct sunlight, and that’s what we at Rodspark have harnessed in this truly amazing heating system. In the same way that a pavement or a stone wall will feel warm to the touch after a few hours of sunlight, even after the sunlight has moved away, your home can be warmed in the same way. By storing that heat in the very fabric of the building you can keep warm for less, even after the heating is switched off.

Our infrared heating technology emits invisible waves of infrared energy, and because the infrared is heating your home, rather than the air in your home, the heat will stay with you longer and be less susceptible to draughts and leakage than traditional convection methods. This highly efficient and economical technology is set to revolutionise the way our homes are heated, so make your next heating choice a choice for the future.
    Infrared Heating
  • Unparalleled thermal comfort
  • Lower heating bills by up to 70%
  • Fully controllable for efficiency and comfort
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Naturally healthy heating
  • Reduced damp and mildew in buildings
  • Wide range of award winning designs
  • Simple installation
  • Improved air quality


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