Renewable Energy Solutions
Renewable Energy Solutions
Renewable Energyt Solutions
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Renewable Energy

SparkLED LED Lighting

LED's have revolutionized lighting efficiencies typically using 80% less energy than traditional lighting. A typical halogen bulb has a lifespan of only 1000 hours whilst our LED's can last up to 50,000 hours with virtually no degradation in light output. That is 17 years in an average installation.

Our LED’s are solid state and therefore very robust, virtually eliminating expensive maintenance and replacement. This makes the LED light superior to traditional light technologies which will almost certainly visibly deteriorate with age.

Due to increased environmental pressures, it is important in business to be seen to be helping the environment. The installation of LED lights is a cost effective and simple way to lower your carbon footprint.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Reduce lighting bills by up to 90%
  • Exceptionally long life (50 x that of halogen) = reduced
    maintenance costs
  • Minimal heat generation from the LED results in lower air
    conditioning bills
  • Up to 20 year lifespan = reduced maintenance costs
  • No flickering and instant light = improved work rates
  • Comprehensive 5 Year, 50 000hrs warranty on lighting units
  • Variable colour solutions for business (e.g. bar/clubs/restaurants/theatres)
  • Can be retrofitted to existing lighting units
  • Almost fully recyclable (glass, steel and aluminium) unlike
    compact fluorescent lighting, which contain mercury
In a retail and commercial environment, light output and colour rendition is everything. Front of house needs to show its products and services in the best possible light. LED is now ready for retail and our iLED range of lights for this sector have a high CRI (colour rendering index) and, as always, ensure reliability with outstanding consistency of output and colour coupled with exceptionally low running costs.

LED Lighting

The further advantages of our LED lighting are the greatly reduced running temperatures which means less damage to expensive stock and additionally with lower operating temperatures ancillary systems such as air conditioning work less hard resulting in additional cost and environmental benefits.

Rodspark offers a lighting design and consultancy service for both residential and commercial projects. We specialise in producing energy efficient, eco-friendly lighting and control solutions that are innovative, visually stunning and effortlessly functional.

Our team of experienced lighting designers work very closely with clients ranging from private individuals to interior designers and architects throughout the UK.

LED Lighting

We believe that imagination, innovation and attention to detail are the foundations of all great lighting design. Our approach is simple – to deliver the ideal lighting scheme based on aesthetics, function, flexibility and cost. We consistently deliver exceptional designs that perform to precise, client driven criteria.

LED Lighting

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