Renewable Energy Solutions
Renewable Energy Solutions
Renewable Energyt Solutions
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Renewable Energy

Solar PV

A solar PV system pays for itself in three different ways, all with low operating costs and without added risk.
  1. It converts free solar radiation into valuable electricity
  2. Our environment is protected by reducing the use of
    conventional energy from oil, gas, coal or uranium.
    • CO2 emissions are lowered
    • Environmental damage through transport, extraction
      and processing of raw materials is avoided.
    • Final storage of spent nuclear fuels is avoided
  3. It provides a good solid return on investment for the long
As a rule of thumb for a solar PV system in the UK, the energy yield per year and per system is between 750 and 850 kWh per kWp of installed output. This means that a 2kWp photovoltaic system, roughly 20m² in size, produces approximately 1500-1700 kWh of electricity per annum. This is enough energy to satisfy approximately 50% of the energy levels required for a typical home housing 2 adults and 2 children.

Rodspark offers a full and comprehensive service to guide you through the process of designing a solar PV system which is appropriate for your home or business; executing an efficient installation operation; supporting you through the process of commissioning, monitoring and managing your system; and informing you of the finance options.

PV System Design

  • Energy Performance Certificates
  • Full initial site survey
  • Submission of a comprehensive proposal which includes detailed system components and full financial modelling
  • Undertake consultations with appropriate statutory bodies
  • Carry-out a structural appraisal to ensure the proposed site structurally fit for purpose
PV Installation
  • Efficient installation process with minimum disruption to your day-to-day activities
PV Commissioning and Monitoring
  • Provide a detailed briefing to ensure you thoroughly understand your system
  • Assist you in completing the relevant documentation for the feed-in tariff payments
  • Provide you with full support on how to best monitor, manage and maintain your system
Solar PV systems produce electricity on cloudy or overcast days as they use daylight not direct sunlight.
Rodspark provides consultative services from the very early stages through to full bespoke system design and installation. We liaise/work with the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to ensure we produce a system design to maximise your investment opportunity and system efficiency whilst meeting all statutory requirements.

Our designers can conduct a full solar survey of your various sites and buildings to identify the best option for you in terms of system performance and cost.

Correct system design is as important as high-quality components and that is why Rodspark's electrical engineers have extensive first-hand experience in the design, specification and integration of Solar PV systems. Our experience and expertise allows us to choose the most effective type and size of photovoltaic panels for your project. We combine this information with aesthetic considerations so that your PV system will be fully integrated into your existing structure or site and not ever be just an "add on."

Each system is designed to take into account individual site requirements. These will include the current state of the electrics, cable size, incoming voltage levels, on-site metering, the use of other on-site generators, the size of the transformer and the cable serving the property from the transformer.

Rodspark uses the Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) to evaluate system yield. This method can be relied upon not to overestimate system performance. Your quotation will include a reliable estimate of your first year cash yield and the ongoing annual rate of return.

Following the initial site survey and system design, we produce a proposal which budgets for the full PV system components, installation and commissioning. This initial proposal does not take into consideration any additional expense that may be imposed by the DNO or result from any structural appraisal or planning requirements that may be imposed by the local planning authority.

Rodspark provides a full DNO consultation service for any proposed installation that is above 16 amps per phase. This is to ascertain that the proposed PV installation will not require any additional network upgrades. If network upgrades are required, then these will be budgeted for separately.

From 6 April 2012 planning permission will no-longer be required to install solar PV on non-domestic buildings. The new rules will also mean that ground-mounted PV systems up to 9m² will be able to go ahead without a planning application.

Where solar PV panels are going to be installed to an existing building
and there are concerns about whether the structure is able to handle additional weight and wind load, then a structural appraisal is required. Rodspark has teamed up with firm of structural engineers to provide independent structural appraisals whenever required.

We have sourced a variety of specialist fastenings and framing components that enables us to install solar PV panels to virtually any agricultural or commercial roof. We take great pride in the quality of
our work and aim to execute the most efficient installation process with
minimum disruption to you or your business.

Our sites are always neat and safe. Once installed our systems not
only look good, they are also tough, efficient, designed to perform and
built to last.

Our experienced and professional teams of installers work flexibly and take great care of your property ensuring a hassle-free and convenient service.

Successful installation of commercial solar PV system requires skilled project management and comprehensive logistical capabilities. Our experience in this field will ensure your project is completed without undue delays or disruptions.

We also work closely with a number of like-minded partner organisations who share our commitment to deliver excellent customer service. This close relationship enables Rodspark seamlessly to install cost-effective PV systems throughout the UK.

For certain projects we happily work together with our client’s own specialists, trades and engineers. We regularly work in this way with surveyors, fabrication companies, architects, M & E contractors and builders.

By appointing Rodspark you are assured of a professional installation from the early design and specification stage, right through to the commissioning and on-going monitoring and management of your system.

At the point of commissioning and handover you will be briefed on every step of the system to ensure you are fully aware of all components installed, their role and more importantly what to do in various circumstances. You will be provided with all the relevant documentation and certificates to enable you to register with your chosen utility supplier for the Feed-in-Tariff. We will assist you in completing this paperwork prior to leaving site. Monitoring of the installed PV system is essential to track performance and ensure that the maximum yield is achieved, earning you the most money from your system.

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