Renewable Energy Solutions
Renewable Energy Solutions
Renewable Energyt Solutions
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Renewable Energy

Solar Thermal Energy

Solar power is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy available and systems are now readily available to transform the sun's energy into hot water.

A solar hot water system has both environmental and financial benefits. Considering their size and efficiency, and the low cost in comparison
with other water heating systems, it is the one of the most economical and environmental solutions on the market.
  • Solar hot water systems are designed to fulfil 90% of the heating demand in the summer
    (the period of highest resource) when little space heating is required, and can provide at
    least 40-60% of all your hot water requirements throughout the year
  • The average domestic system reduces annual carbon dioxide emissions by around 400kg
  • Over 70% of the average household's energy use goes into space and water heating, so
    a source of free hot water to use can make a dramatic financial
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to a small family
    car's yearly running. Up to half a tonne of carbon dioxide emissions can be cut per annum once a well designed solar hot water system is installed
  • Be retrofitted to existing homes in an urban environment with the minimum of fuss, and the systems will make virtually no noise
    while in operation
  • Provide heating for large homes and swimming pools as well as
    smaller residential
  • Provide an immediate saving on hot water bills
  • The boiler's life would be extended by approximately 60%. Most energy is used when
    heating water from mains temperature which is around 10°C to aired temperatures of around 30°C. Typically solar collectors
    heat water past this crucial temperature thus eliminating heavy boiler work
  • Financial return on investment can be accurately measured through your reduced bills
  • The value of your home will increase once a solar hot water heating system has been
    installed, potentially by as much as £5000
  • After being properly installed, a solar hot water heating system can pay for itself within
    15 years just based on savings on fuel bills. As the energy prices continue to rise at an
    expected rate, this payback period is expected to reduce further
Rospark can assist you with every aspect of installing a solar thermal system. From taking your initial enquiry, providing impartial advice on our range of products, to supplying a guide price, all the way through to arranging a site survey, system design and compiling a tailored quote.

We can even assist you with paperwork in terms of compliance and grant funding, and arrange for the installation and commissioning to take place at a convenient time for you.

  • Worried about rising fuel costs?
  • Want to enjoy your pool for longer?
  • Concerned about the environment?
Solar Thermal
Using Sunlight, Rodspark is helping people enjoy their swimming pools with dramatically reduced heating costs.

Pool heating requires large amounts of energy and Solar Thermal provides the ideal solution because we can use renewable energy from the sun to heat the water.

Our highly efficient solar thermal systems increase the pool temperature by an average of 11°C over the non-heated temperature giving an overall temperature of approximately 28°C. This ensures that you can extend the enjoyment of your pool from mid April well into September.

During the summer months, solar thermal may be the only heating your pool needs. The saving in heating costs could pay for the system completely within 3-4 years, which means a further 20+ years of pool heating without the cost! The expected life of the solar collectors is 25 years.
  • Save on ever increasing energy bills
  • Extend the enjoyment of your pool
  • Minimum running costs
  • Add value to your property
  • Heat domestic hot water & save £s
  • Automated system = ease of use
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and have a warm pool without the guilt!
Rodspark’s solar thermal system can be used with any type of heating system no matter the size or age of the pool. We will design a system to match your needs and advise on the Government Grants to further reduce the installation price.

If the pool is near the house the system can be sized to heat the domestic hot water, thereby giving the fastest financial payback of any solar system!

If you choose to install our remote monitoring system, this enables you to check the performance of your system over the internet.

With today’s rising energy costs, solar thermal water heating is the obvious choice for heating a pool, no
Solar Thermal
matter how large. The savings are immense. For an indoor pool used all year, then a backup system is necessary during the winter months, although the overall heating costs will be hugely reduced. Whether a new pool or retrofit, solar thermal is easy to install, usually taking 2-3 days depending on the complexity and size. Rodspark strives to ensure the minimum disruption during installation.



Solar Thermal
Optimum orientation of the solar collectors is South East through South to South West, although East and West are also acceptable. The panels can be either roof or ground mounted.

Our collectors are an array of evacuated tubes, which collect energy. The tubes have a special coating, which traps the sunlight and concentrates the energy before it is transferred via the header and connection pipes to a heat exchanger for a pool and /or hot water cylinder. A controller is installed near to the heat exchanger. This functions automatically to start the pump when there is useful solar energy to be gained.

After careful research Rodspark have selected SunnPro Heat Pipe Collectors, which offer outstanding performance all year round, as well as being attractive and available in black or silver.

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