Renewable Energy Solutions
Renewable Energy Solutions
Renewable Energyt Solutions
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Renewable Energy

Voltage Optimisation

Simple Efficiency

As a rule of thumb, the fewer points of failure the better. Beware of over complicated solutions with multiple different components. If it requires fan cooling it is not efficient; if it has moving parts, be careful as these are a failure point. If a bypass is recommended – why? Might it fail?

Equipment Protection

An increasing number of electrical phenomena adversely affect and degrade your equipment and, in the case of power spikes, can cause catastrophic damage. You may never have experienced these, but such spikes are on the increase and will become more common as the UK increasingly adopts more sustainable energy sources. A voltage optimizer unit will protect you from these spikes.


20% saving

in energy costs can be the same as a

5% increase

in sales


Electrical equipment (such as motors, HVAC and lighting) performs inefficiently when exposed to excessive voltage and poor power quality. Take a normal 230V rated lamp – when run at 240V, it will fail after 550 hours instead of 1000, drawing nine per cent more energy.

Now imagine that problem spread across an entire site, with every single component failing faster and wasting energy. That’s expensive and can be corrected with Voltage optimizers.

Voltage Power Optimisation cuts your energy use by up to 20%, reduces carbon emissions by up to 15%, your maximum demand by up to 10% and prolongs the life and reliability of all equipment in your premises that runs on electricity - from a £500 laptop and HVAC to a £1m lathe or printer.

Voltage OptimisationVoltage Optimisation

Can a voltage optimizer help you? The short answer is yes, very probably.
The average saving on an optimizer is 10 per cent but it can be as high as 20 per cent. By choosing an optimizer, you are aligning yourself with a best practice energy saving technology.

Return on Investment (ROI) is typically above 25% and often significantly higher. With these levels of return, fast payback and financing options everyone can afford to install the technology. It’s why many of the world's largest businesses, councils, government departments and higher education establishments are amongst our investing in this technology.

Power Conditioning

Reduced maintenance, longer life...

All electrical equipment has an optimum voltage at which it works best. The voltage optimizer supply delivers that optimum and reduces the strain on your electrical equipment, leaving it to work more reliably and for longer. It is difficult to quantify what the value of power conditioning benefits are to your business, but our clients tell us that maintenance costs are reduced by as much as 10 per cent.

Voltage Optimisation

Saves Electrical Energy

Voltage Optimisation

Average savings for a typical building are 11 per cent of your electricity spend.


It optimises a site’s power supply to provide financial, energy and carbon savings - simultaneously correcting the problem of over-voltage on the supply network and improving the quality of power entering your building.

It does this without the use of add-ons or moving parts making it remarkably robust.

To date, the technology has been installed in over 4,000 buildings in the UK and tens of thousands worldwide maintaining a 100 per cent reliability record.
  • Reduction in daily electricity consumption and CO2 emissions. Typical savings of between 6-20%
  • Optimising site voltage. The Voltage Power Optimisation equipment brings the site voltage to 220 Volts, the optimum operating level for most plant and equipment
  • Payback / ROI. Typical Return on Investment of 20-100%, which relates to typical payback periods of 1-5 years
  • High Operational Efficiency. iVoltage units operate with an efficiency of 99.9% and above, in order to maximise energy savings and pose no risk to security of supply by running hot or needing additional cooling.

Fitting a Voltage optimizer unit will reduce your energy usage and electricity bills without requiring any changes to your lifestyle.

Voltage Optimiser
The voltage optimisation device designed for use in homes and small businesses.

How Does it Work?

Most electrical equipment manufactured for Europe and the UK is rated at 220V and may indeed operate at an even lower voltage. The average voltage supplied from the National Grid is 242V (although it can be as high as 253V). So, in many cases, you are being supplied more voltage than you need – and you’re paying for it, whether you want it or not.

The voltage optimizer optimises the incoming voltage to approximately 220V giving householders immediate and significant energy savings for the whole home with a single VO4HOME fitted prior to the consumer unit (fuse box).

By reducing the amount of energy consumed, the voltage optimisation system will save money on annual electricity bills by on average between £130-£200 per year giving a pay-back of less than 5 years.

Our system includes a 5 year warranty and has a design life in excess of 20 years. It requires no maintenance and no change to your current lifestyle. Simply install and enjoy the savings.

The Benefits of Installing an Optimizer

Voltage Optimiser
  • Monitors the voltage continuously in order to ensure minimum voltage of 220v at all times
  • Reduce carbon footprint of an average home by 150-226kgs each year
  • Prevent wear on appliances caused by electrical over supply and power surges
  • Constantly optimises supply to ensure the savings are maximised
  • Simple installation - no changes needed to the meter
  • Works with, and improves the efficiency of, heat pumps and PV systems
  • No need to by-pass the system at any time (due to high efficiency of the unit)
  • Available in a variety of specifications to suit all homes
  • Manufactured to the highest British manufacturing standards and efficiencies

How To Buy

To buy a system simply call 0800 756 6808.

Free estimate: If you would like a free estimate on how much a voltage optimizer could save you before deciding to buy, then contact us on 0800 756 6808 or email with details of your current electricity bill for a no obligation estimate.

Installing your optimizer

The unit will be installed between the meter and consumer unit by a qualified electrician and will regulate voltage to the whole house. The installation should take no longer than 45 minutes to complete.

Voltage Optimiser

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